Thomas John Dittmeier (the_naked_ape) wrote in eg_speechteam,
Thomas John Dittmeier

Twilight Zone Esque...

Despite me initial belief that this was another one of the myriad elk grove villages, it seems that my spaceship, after being hurled into a stellar drift, has crash-landed upon the haven of my own Elk Grove speech team.

Why not show some support, I am, after all, sacrificing my saturdays, a bit of sleep, and perhaps a couple of pints of blood to this team.

Hello, I am Thomas Dittmeier, an Impromptu speaker absolutely none of you know. My sucesses in speech are non-existent- I am anxious, my voice is rasp and grumbly, I tend to rant and fiddle, and I occasionally make a pass at young female judges.

Hello, then, all. Props to you for developing your linguistic skill, as all people should.
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