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Lets see if this works

i stumbled upon this "forum" as either accident or part of my destiny, and so i figured i could use it to keep in touch with members who want to think of goals for next year's season, i know my season started already and have already spread the word of our program after winning a 1000 dollar scholarship for my ability to speak in public. I hope this posts to right spot anyway, my goals this year are

1. beat DGS at their invitational
2. Send PIR to state
3. Get more competitors to state
4. Bring home some plaques so we can have a reason to expand our trophy case
5. Get another female into extemp

Another thing, does anyone know rebecca craig? She is supposed to be our new female extemper and was VERY GOOD in debate, i'm tryin debate next year so if anyone could get me in touch with her me an B-mac (McBride) can introduce her to the event so she goes in prepared next year!
Feel Free to post your goals and maybe before the first meeting we can have a refined list to present to coaches and newbies/novices
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